Privacy Policy

To understand how the user interacts on our website, we tend to get some data of our user that helps us through web servers, web browsers. In general, these real-time data didn’t refer to any personal information. Therefore, you would never have to worry about it at all.

In general, we get information on IP addresses. Those who are unaware of the IP address must know that it’s the computer internet address. We get this data to make our service better and accessible for all the users at the same time. In other words, we make it available for the users by considering the customer's IP address.

On the other hand, none of the data is store in our servers for any reason. We only use the data whenever it’s required. Like, sometimes users get personal and try to abuse the system. Therefore, we ensure to prevent them from doing it with the help of an IP address.

Apart from IP address, we used to get Language, Referring site, date and time, browser type, etc. All of this isn’t alarming for any user who visits our website. Meanwhile, the data remains on our server for a limited time.


We do provide you the option to store the cookies. It would happen for the reason of providing you the better experiences. In general, the cookies data helps us to show you the relevant ads or other services that you are searching for on the internet.

Here, Google Analytics is the primary tool we use to track every cookie of our customers. Therefore, you would have to believe that Google tools are worth it to trust upon. Meanwhile, it never shows any reasons for the data breach.

When does AllOnlineConverter Collect Information?

You would get a ticker on the top of the page, which indicates accepting our privacy policy to continue using our site. It’s the first and most recommendable way for us to collect information for a better experience.

Apart from that, any information you enter to our website or use our contact us page would significantly be another way we collect our users' information.


We do have pointed some links on our website. Some of them would point you towards other online platforms. The reason for adding these links is to give you a reason for using other services as well. Meanwhile, all of the website or informational links we use on our website are safe. There is no reason to think that clicking on these links will collect your personal information.

Do we change our Privacy Policy?

For the betterment of services and experience, we do change our privacy policy whenever it’s needed. If there will be any change occur, you will quickly see it through our privacy policy section.